Policy issues I discuss:


Preventing government corruption through campaign finance reform and revised term limits for US Senate and the House of Representatives.

Local construction defects and quality oversight at the Bluegrass Army Weapons Depot in Richmond Kentucky. We need to empower Environmental Protection Agency officials and facilitate hearings on unacceptable construction practices by subcontractors. One such practice has been defective welds owing to rushed construction.

Advocate stronger military during peacetime, and increased 3/10 of GDP.

Repeal US economic sanctions on Russia.

Pro Israel. Favors Aerial Sharon way toward peace.

Discourage tax inversion. Lower the corporate tax. No to tax holiday.

Freeze domestic national spending on programs to respond to the rate of inflation and population growth.

Audit the relationships on the federal reserve and banking industry. Put the SEC in charge of the FDIC. Encourage the shrinking of the too big to fail banks.

Balance the budget over the long term.

Enforce Immigration law.